Dr. Xu,

My teeth look amazing. I don't think they have ever looked better. The deep cleaning was rough for sure, but so worth it! Thank you so much! I promise to take better care of my teeth!!



My name is Jan and I live in Federal Way. I found Dr. Zan's office to have a very friendly atmosphere and the staff seemed to work well together. Both he and his staff were gentle and they show consideration for patient comfort. Patients are informed about the steps in a procedure as the work progresses so you're not caught unaware of what is about to happen and they also are good about telling a patient what might be expected during that procedure. I recommended Dr. Zan to my daughter who is dental phobic and who also has TMJ, MS and fibromyalgia. She found Dr. Zan very knowledgeable about these conditions and the different sensitivity to pain that can prevent it. Dr. Zan is very good at discussing various options for future treatment that may be needed and he showed an openness to patients' preferences and also an understanding of their financial situation.

— Jan, Federal Way

Hello my name is John from Federal Way and I'm 66 years old. A year ago, it became very clear that I would need a dental implant to replace a molar in my jaw. I selected Endura Dental in Federal Way for the procedure. As you may know, the successful dental implant takes several appointments over a period of months. My first appointment with Endura was in February, 2010, with the final appointment occurring seven months later in September, 2010. Since that final appointment I've had no problem with the tooth. Throughout the entire procedure, the entire Endura staff kept me informed of where I was in the procedure and what to expect in the future procedures. They were very responsive to my need for the appropriate level of pain medication throughout the whole journey to my new tooth. Although I would never say a visit to your dentist is a pleasure, the entire staff at Endura Dental are competent and caring professionals in every part of my dental implant last year.

— John, Federal Way

Hi, my name is Martha Dean from Puyallup, Washington and we have met Dr. Xu and he has done great things for our family. We have three autistic boys and he has done dental work on all three of them and we have been very happy with what he's been able to accomplish with them. He was able to do all kinds of things and was very gentle with all three of them. We're very satisfied and feel very comfortable with him and I highly recommend him. Thank you very much!

— Martha Dean, Puyallup, WA


Hello my name is Dawn. I am from Leo, Indiana but we moved to Washington five years ago and now we live in Tacoma, Washington. I have a husband, his name is Michael and I have four girls. We have been going to Endura Dental for close to two years and I've gone to other dentists and have been lectured about my teeth and how to take care of them. This dentist has been the best; because I walked in and they did the job I wanted done and I have walked into other dentist's office and they have not completed the task I wanted them to do. Another thing, my daughters like to go in and watch TV, and they get to be an active part of what the dentist is going to do with them. I don't have to worry about them being in back with the dentist or hygienist because they take care of them very well. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk about my dentist and how they affect our family. Have a great day!
— Dawn, Tacoma, WA